Myanmar day 5: Ban Kham

We started our 4 days trekking in Burmese mountain before 9am, which is kind of late for local temperatures – if I should use polite words, I would say „it was really hot“

Our guide Pew Pew left us not even one hour after we started, because his grandma was ill and he had to take care about her. His friend Myo Lay (trainee guide) stayed with us, but his English is not really good yet. So instead of having guide who we chose because he can tell us a lot about locals life, we got other one who was not able to tell if we will get lunch in 10 minutes or in 4 hours!

We arrived to our destination around 3pm and as everyone was tired from the journey or from great lunch
I went to explore surrounding and in meanwhile helped neighbors with their house construction. Basic construction is pretty much same as back home, but walls from bamboo are created way faster.
(lifespan is approximately 5 years) For a very short help I got tasteful bananas and homemade rice whisky 🙂

I met different tourists group in local school. Their guide was telling stories about the war between local minorities amd Burmese soldiers, which is happening just 4 hours of walk away from us. He also talked about a tank on a hill at which we were just staring, or how he was kidnapped for 2 weeks by revolutionary group. Last story was about 2 years old shooting in the village where we were staying and some children found hiding for example in ovens. As time passed, he was laughing while telling the stories – we were shocked!

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