Travelers „year after“


I knew immediately it will be really difficult to overcome last years journey. Moreover when January started with new full time job and I was spending all free time by rebuilding my apartment. Only preparation of travelers presentations could remind me some trips…

That is why I couldn’t miss a chance to try icefall climbing at the end of February

In March there was a tender for new guides for outdoor travelling agency Kudrna. I enjoyed that weekend that much, I didn’t even care if I will be accepted or not. Well I was, something to look forward

April was perfect for refreshing our climbing skills in Austrian Peilstein

Not taking advantage of May’s bank holidays would have been really stupid. Both trips were great, first via ferrata at Garda lake in Italy, second family trip to Tatra mountains in Slovakia.

What to do in June? Climbing school and first guiding tour – vie ferrata in Rax Alps

I didn’t really spend much time at home in July. Real 2 weeks tour to Sweden and Norway was really great in thanks of amazing people. On the other side second trip to Italian Elba was good relax

It would have been tough to spend entire August in an office it there was not some guiding jobs – first for the smallest, return to Rax Alps and top (even if extremely a challenging) crossing Julian Alps in Slovenia

In September I could finally profit from all the training – climbed my first really high mountains: Gran Paradiso in Italy and highest mountains of Europe Mont Blanc in France. Later that month there was another tour vie ferrata in Italian Dolomites. And as this month was all about mountains, we spent last days by climbing multi-pitch routes in Hohewand

In October I only crossed Czech-Slovak border. After very dry year it was unexpectedly easy to cross Morava river.

As all tours were amazing, I was looking forward to meet all other guides in our annual event in November.

And what to do at the end of the year? Finally I could practice Spanish – Valencia, Madrid, but more importantly rock climbing. We couldn’t miss traditional Christmas dinner, only instead of Christmas tree we decorated a cactus

What does (not really accurate) Google timeline says about my year?

P.F. I wish you to enjoy 2019 at least as much as previous year 🙂

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