Thailand day 4: island Koh Tao


Here it is, what I did not want to happen the most, has actually happened.
Now missing only to loose passport, credit card or phone…

On the other side I am happy it has happened here, where the doctors speak English and they have good quality. I do not want to imagine what could have happened if I was delaying the doctor visit and in case of eventual worsening I would be searching for some shaman in Myanmar jungle.

According to the doctor it is „acute sinusitis“, basically inflammation of the sinuses. I got some antibiotics and cannot dive and fly for few days. Flying is OK, my nearest flight is planned in more than a week. It is a pity I cannot dive in one of the most beautiful places for diving in the world, but on the other side I still can swim and snorkel, which simply has to be enough. Moreover I think I could not ever wish for nicer „illness bed“.

And it finally gave me some relax time to catch up with blog writing…

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