Singapore day 2

After Indian lunch prepared by Ritika I was going to meet Allan – my Burmese friend from Halong Bay 🙂 He proposed to go hiking in southern ridges. I was really interrested what does it mean hiking in terms of Singapore – I could not imagine where to do this in the middle of skyscrapers. Well, even Singapore has nice places where to go to nature – and walks in the trees were amazing! In a place called Monkey walk we found our first geocache:)

As we finished bit earlier than expected, we went to Sentosa – island created by humans (yes, I really thing Dubai is just copying everything from Singapore) In the island we checked amusement park, Universal studios, biggest statue of lion-fish Merlion and pretty nice Palawan beach. It is possible to walk to the island and take a monorail on the way back (nobody is checking tickets on the way back)

Then we had delicious dinner with Allan’s friend Donovan.

And headed to Bayfront. As the National Day (8th August) is comming soon, every saturday at 8pm there is a firework show in front of Marina Bay Sands hotel. To see the show with all skyscrapers in the background was something amazing.
At 8:45pm there was a light show in Garden by the bay (supertree grove)
Then we walked back to Marina Bay Sand (there is a little Venice too:) ) where was a laser fountain show at 9:30pm.
Last thing to do here was to sneak in roof top bar of Marina Bay Sand hotel (next to infinity swimming pool) and enjoy the beautiful view on night city.
Allan and Donovan are bringing here couch surfers pretty often, so I am sorry they had to see all the shows for 50th time – but for me, I have to tell them big thank you, I enjoyed it too much.
At the end of the evening we managed to get a beer in party street Clarke Quai.

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