Taiwan day 19: cycling challenge completed

As next week I am going to volunteer in turtle protection, seeing turtle shell in Chinese medicine show-case was not really pleasant.

I liked the group of children going to theater in Hsinchu

Just in the moment when I was thinking about my last defect, I felt something strange from rear wheel.

All along the route there are girls in a show-case house offering cigarettes etc.

Last few countryside kilometers and then final arrival to the capital.

And few moments of glory with Taipei 101 in far background.
I really liked the small girl when she told I am very strong because I can lift the bike. When I told the bike is light, but I accept the compliment for cycling all around Taiwan, also her parents were taking a picture with me 😀 

Even if somebody is really happy in one moment, there are others not so lucky. This old man did not have anything better to do (at 11 pm), than breaking the polystyrene.

Today cycled 100 kilometers from Hsinchu to Taipei and in total 1 168 kilometers all around Taiwan.

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