Taiwan day 5: Taroko national park


As my entire body needed a rest from cycling, I visited Taroko national park by hop on hop off shuttle bus.
Many tribes used to live in this area, but Japanese tried to move them around 1915 as they were afraid of possible guerrilla soldiers.

Shakadang trail was definitely the one I liked most. Crystal clear water designed amazing pictures on the rocks in entire gorge.

Changchung shrine trail shown nice shrine and observation tower, but the rest of trail was closed for landslide.

Yanzikou trail was very nice too, but here it was with cars passing around you, therefore I definitely prefered more natural Shakadang.
I liked to hear that here should be a lot of swallows. Swallows used to nest in grandparents house – only in summer as in winter they would fly to tropical countries. As I did not see any, I am wondering if local swallows are here only in winter and in summer they fly to colder place?

Tianxiang village is a place where you can still find living some of the aborigines. I tried some walk, but again only part of it was accessible.

Lushui trail was quite short and if you see the other ones before, this is just „one of many“

What I cannot understand is hundreds of warning signs. I think that for normal people it is clear you should not climb the bannister and if somebody is so stupid and wants to fall down from the cliff, he/she will do it even with warning sign each 20 meters!

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