Vietnam day 6: Can Tho

I am learning how to travel on a bike in Vietnam. No way to visit something during the day and expect to do 100km to next destination in the evening. The best thing you can do is to get up and start riding at 6am, visit something during daytime and relax in the afternoon. The maximum time when you should go to bed is around 9pm as traffic or rooster noise will wake you up before 5am!

When I go slowly by bike, it gets broken or it starts raining and I have to stop, I think why didn’t I go by bus…
but when I stop by the road to visit beautiful monastery or I talk with children in internet cafe I get the answer why. Those are not touristic spots, the bus doesn’t stop here. This is real life, this is what I wanted to see, this is why I am travelling!

I was really enjoying crossing country side, sometimes running as fast as 60kph, until I realised that in the middle of coconuts it might be more difficult to find a garage in case I need it. Whatever, in case I can ask Tarzan, I thought. When I was leaving at 7am, I expected to get to 100km distant Cai Rang around 9am. At 10am I was still 50km away with broken chain…

Yesterday in crocodile farm restaurant there were some snakes on their menu, which I thought is just tourists trap and they most likely do not have them. I stopped for a lunch before 12am (still not arrived, but I was getting close) and I choose a chair with a fish bone (head) under my table. Looking carefully I understood it was snakes head!

Mekong rivers devides into 4 brbranches, so this is just one of them – can you imagine how large it has to be all together?

Can Tho is a quiet nice town

As I was not any good with Myanmar bamboo football, I was hoping to play better the Vietnamese version. Well, all the girls playing with us were way better than me 🙂

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