Myanmar day 6: trekking continues

Today was the first time in my life I was eating bamboo for breakfast. Actually almost everything I have eaten during last few weeks I saw for the first time.

After approximately one hour of walking through tea plantations we arrived to small village where we should sleep today.We left here our backpacks and headed towards 2 hours distant waterfall. Path was going down too much that we were more often sitting on our bottoms, than standing on our legs. Even walking poles made by machete from bamboo were not helping.

After getting down the walley we faced new problem – how to cross the river. Very first time we took of our shoes and carried them in hands, so after the river we could put them on dry. At this moment we did not know that during next half an hour we need to cross the river approximately 10 times! Already second passing we either tried to jump over stones (and felt down as those were slipery), or gave up and simply walked through river in wet shoes.We had a small snack at the waterfall
And then moved to a place where the river was deep enough to swim and had lunch here. As our plates and cutlery were washed before eating in the river water, our morning preoccupation „can we brush our teeths with clean village water?“ felt exaggerated right now.

Not only we have decided to spend our day by relaxing at the water, also buffalo preferred to go for a spa today.

Local butterfly are beautiful, only wings left out of this one
But those are occupying alle trees and bushes all around

After dinner (jack fruit, bamboo, vegetables, rice) we managed to get home made „aje“ alcohol. 1000 kyatu (0.75 €) seems to be fair price for a bottle of pretty good rice whisky 🙂

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