Thailand day 10: Railay Bay

Today it was about rock climbing in one of the most beautiful places suitable for climbing.

Immediately after arriving I was surprised by the prices for renting climbing gear. 2000 THB (53 eur) for equipment for 2 people per day seems to be way too much, considering you can buy completely new things for 2 climbers for a price starting at 400 eur. Even if in Tonsai beach (15 minutes through sea and forest from Railay) you can agree to pay just 2 000 THB for 2 days, if someone goes here for climbing, I would recommend bringing own gear.

In the morning I started climbing with Ben, Mikel and Xxx from England (all of them doing uni exchange in Hong Kong)next to Phra Nang shrine, where each girl can find what she needs 🙂If a couple hasve certain problems, they should sacrifice here some fruit and problems will (hopefully) disappear. I have to admit that it was strange to see here warning „no painting of inappropriate pictures“

As 4 climbers are too many for just one rope, I was really happy when Oliver who I met yesterday sent me a message that his girlfriend Franzi does not feel well and if I would go climbing with him. Routes were really good, even if bit polished by the amount of people climbing here and beach sand in and on the shoes did not give a lot of confidence. I liked the most easier 30 meters long routefrom which top was amazing view on stalagnites and surrounding

It was raining little bit in the afternoon, but nothing could stop us from climbing

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