Nepal day 24: bus to Kathmandu

Tourist bus is slightly more expensive than local bus (700 NPR = 6,5 EUR), but it looks little bit better. Moreover you get one liter of water for free – my first „bought“ water after more than 3 weeks in Nepal (I am saving environment this much)

Even if the bus if better, the road is still the same.  200km = 8 hours… Part of the route, which connects 2 biggest cities of Nepal looks like this. I will never again complain about Prague – Brno motorway.

In Kathmandu I got off the bus directly in front of Monkey temple.
There were really a lot of monkeys, I liked most mother with baby
And those two guys taking care of each other

Also Buddhist monks likes to play some game
and children are practising karate

Yep, also here you can find demonstrating people (unfortunately do not know why)

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