Journey map

 Australia – Whereas I am terrified of poisonous snakes, Australia seems to me to be the most suitable country to visit

 Philippines – amazing nature, incredibly friendly locals, beautiful beaches, tropical warm weather, cheap country for tourists

 Indonesia – simply Bali, I am looking forward to visiting natural attractions (volcanoes, lakes, forests and cultivated areas), shrines and ritual celebrations, nature reserves (reptiles, birds), swimming, diving, snorkeling, rainforest trekking, safaris on elephants …

 Malaysia – here I’m attracted by some voluntary options (ie. Work and still pay for it) in a „paradise on earth“, simply orangutans, beaches and peace…

 Myanmar (Burma) – friend told me recently that Burma is the most beautiful country in the world … telling the truth?

 Nepal – why Nepal? Because I love the mountains and nicer than the Himalayas has not been invented yet, so Nepal is the clear choice. Of course the Himalayas are in other countries too, but I have been in India before and it is not easy to obtain visas to Tibet… so Nepal is the right choice 🙂

 New Zeeland – this is a must. Since my cousin moved there and I was shown photos and videos from New Zealand Alps, geysers and fjords, I was decided to go there once. Now is the right time to fulfill the promise!

 Singapore – unique city, not far from Malaysia, let’s see 🙂

 Taiwan – I liked this country back in 2009, when I was working with 3 amazing people from Taiwan. Since then I’ve heard that the entire nation is like this. It is time to verify it.

 Thailand – follow the footsteps of Leonardo DiCaprio on a secret island, a paradise on earth, with its beautiful beaches, untouched by tourists – who saw movie The Beach will understand. As an encore, climbing on rocks in Krabi province, or ping pong show in Bangkok?

 Vietnam – I was valuating whether Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos. Probably all are similar and it would take too much time to visit all of them. I have chosen Vietnam because of Halong bay, Mekong Delta, Hanoi, etc. Probably also because many Vietnamese live in Czech Republic.