Thailand day 6: Koh Phangan


In the morning I was moving to neighbor island Koh Phangan (2 hours ferry, 300 THB), which is the biggest from 3 islands around (Koh Tao, Koh Phangan a Koh Samui) and where I would like to spend another 2 nights.

Just before departure we were surprised by landing military helicopter – seems soldiers need some holiday too.

First tropical rain was waiting for us when we arrived to Koh Phangan. You cannot get any better welcome when you are getting out of boat

Moreover if your backpack is in the bottom, so river like this was was going through it.

As I saw 2 Thai box places on the way from port to hostel, I could not miss afternoon training session of this national sport.

In the evening I found local food market.
Those „potato pancakes“ are made from coconuts, actually does not have any taste..
I have not tried those pancakes yes, need to do it tomorrow.

Not to forget, the way of selling fuel on the street (next to or even in a grocery store) was biggest surprise for me today.

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