About me

My name  is Tomas Ryba, I am coming from Brno (Czech Republic) and I spent few months in Pennsylvania (USA), I was studying in Nottingham (UK) and living for few years in Verona (IT)
I graduated in computer science, in the last 5 years I have been working as a software tester and programmer.
Recently I have been getting tired of monotony work in the office, so I would like to spend more time outside and breath fresh air.
I like nature (mountains, lakes, seas), traveling, meeting new people and places, sports (football, rock climbing, swimming, cycling, trekking, tennis and many others)
Why do I want to go on this trip alone? When a person goes on vacation in a group, he will remain throughout the journey surrounded by his own group and has small chance to get to know other people. I believe I can learn about others lives more when I’m alone and thus forced to chat with somebody in the plane, bus, or even a hostel.